Why Use Blanks?

Better Signs has identified the benefits of using sign blanks, and we are focused on the following key areas in order to maximize these benefits for our customers.


Better Signs PVC sign blanks are ready for the immediate application of graphics with just minimal cleaning prep. We help facilitate your design process by providing free downloads of our stock shapes.

Less Hassle

Forget the jig-saw and put away the sander. Using our sign blanks means that you have no templates to make and no panels to cut. PVC is one of the few sign substrates that requires no edge cap/ edge finishing.

Higher Perceived Value

For sign shops that are currently only able to offer their customers square/ rectangle sign shapes, we provide an alternative. Customers place a significantly higher value on a sign with a complementary outline than they do on a sign that is just a square or rectangle, even if both signs have the same applied graphics. By up-selling to your customer you add to your profit margin by raising the sell price of the sign while maintaining the same production costs.


Better Signs realizes the importance of a fast turn-a-round time for this product. Most orders for custom and stock shapes are shipped the same day as ordered.


Better Signs helps shops like yours to continue to produce a quality sign, but quicker and with less effort, and as a result, more profit. Outsourcing the routing of the sign blanks allows your sign shop to process a larger volume, with a greater profit per sign, without expanding the overhead.


Expanded PVC is a lightweight, high strength, rigid substrate with excellent indoor/outdoor weatherability. PVC has a closed cell structure, which means that it will not absorb moisture. Water will damage wood core overlay products, (i.e. swelling, separating, peeling, warping) but it has no effect on PVC.

Cost of Preparing an MDO Sign Blank – A Comparison

When trying to decide whether it is more profitable for you to cut your own blanks or to use ours, it is helpful to determine what it costs to produce an average MDO sign blank. We have put together an estimate for the approximate cost of preparing a 24″x 24″ sign blank. We have tried to use realistic numbers, but our opinion is biased, so feel free to plug in your own numbers when making comparisons.

The rates we used for the cost comparison are as follows: Shop Rate- $65/hr, Sheet of MDO $60/sheet




1/8 of a sheet of MDO $7.50
Rollers, brushes, misc. $15.20
Paint, primer $15.00
Materials Total $37.50
Time (min.) Description Cost
15 Make Template $15.20
45 Cut out Shape and Sand Edges $48.73
15 Prep. And Primer $15.20
10 Second Coat of Primer $10.80
15 Coat of paint $15.20
Labor Total $105.13
Total cost of MDO Blank: $142.63
Total Cost of Pre-cut PVC Sign Blank: $80.64.
Savings of $61.99!

As this chart illustrates, Better Signs sign blanks cost less than half of what it costs to prepare an MDO blank, and you save yourself a whole lot of hassle in the process. Even if you decide to paint the PVC sign blank, you still save the template, cutting, sanding, and priming time.

If you still chose to use another sign substrate, Better Signs has listed a number of materials on the home page that we can provide for you. Please refer to our Substrates page for additional information.